Create your own Model Railway 1.3
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Create your own Model Railway 1.3

Developed by Focus Multimedia Limited
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Create your Own Model Railway is one piece of the Create your Own collection of applications. This collection is created with the intention of empower its users allowing them to do things by themselves for which they usually needed third-party assistance. It gives them independence and can save them a lot of dollars, that’s for sure. In this case, this tool will help users to create their own Model Railway.

With Create your Own Model Railway you'll be able to build your own virtual model railway and watch it come to life in stunning 3D. No other software makes it as easy to create your own highly detailed tracks, stations, tunnels, towns, roads, level crossings and scenery. Ideal for railway enthusiasts of all ages, the only limit is your imagination.

To create your own model railway in minutes you will follow three steps:

1. Design complex railway layouts
2. Construct detailed landscapes
3. Control realistically modelled trains

Following there's a list of features to better know the product:
* 38 steam locomotives and modern engines modelled on popular British and continental models.
* 81 types of goods wagons and carriages.
* Choose between digital and analogue control systems.
* Run multiple trains simultaneously, operating signal controls and points.
* New screen capture feature.
* Multiple camera angles with zoom in/out and chase views.
* Realistic physics engine and sounds effects.
* Night time mode with real-time lighting effects.
* Create hills, mountains, tunnels, bridges, rivers and lakes with ease – the intelligent Terrain Editor does all the complex calculations for you!
* Huge selection of objects including houses, shops, factories, vehicles, pedestrians, trees, plants and much more!
* Detailed tutorial with 11 examples.

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